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Open for Consults:
Monday thru Friday 1pm to 3pm
Monday*Wednesday*Friday 6pm to 7:30pm

Matt Littke, Tattoo Artist/Owner
Matt Littke has made his living as an award winning, independent contractor in the tattoo industry for almost  30 years. Dreaming of a work environment that was a step above what he was forced to work in, Matt opened his own studio.  Matt and Ann have been married for 15 years and live locally with their two children.  
Ann Littke, Office Manager/Owner
Ann majored in business and accounting throughout her high school and college education. Ann has a 20 year career as a professional that includes extensive management, accounts receivable and payable experience, client service and the day to day operations of a medical facility.  

Mission Statement

 We at Dancing Devil Dermagraphics are committed to utilizing our expertise to improve our guests next tattoo experience by paying special attention to each guest’s unique needs and expectations. We strive to exceed the expectations of each guest by providing high quality, creative, custom one of a kind body art in a clean, safe and comfortable environment. Our commitment to always act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness in the way we conduct our business and the way we live our lives, will make a positive change in the way others view a tattoo shop. We will work hard to help make a positive difference in our community.

We are conveniently off I94 (exit 266)! 
 We are closer than you think(and worth the drive)!

Coming from the south take I94 to the Marysville exit 266 turn right(east) On Gratiot - we are located 2 miles down Gratiot on the left(north) hand side 1/2 mile east of Michigan Rd.

Coming from the North take I94 to the Marysville exit 266 turn left(east) on Gratiot - we are located 2 miles down on the left(north) hand side 1/2 mile east of Michigan Rd..

Approximate driving times from:
10 minutes from Port Huron or St Clair
20 minutes from Fort Gratiot or Richmond
30 minutes from New Baltimore
35 minutes or less from Algonac, Mt Clemens or Memphis
40 minutes from Warren
less than an hour from Detroit or Lapeer

For all our clients coming from out of state, if you need a place to stay while you are here we recommend the Super 8 down the street
their rates start at $69.99   you can reach them at (810) 364-7500 
Ask us, we'll recommend things to do while you are here.  Port Huron is only minutes away and is full of tourist attractions and great places to eat!

                                         AFTERCARE AND FAQ'S

Supplies you will need:
A&D (included) or Bacitracin
Saran Wrap 
Band aides or medical tape
Antibacterial soap (nothing with fragrance)

1.Wash tattoo thoroughly, using any antibacterial soap. DO NOT use rags or other materials on your tattoo. Wash the tattoo with your fingertips.
2.Rinse tattoo thoroughly with cool water.
3.Apply a thin coat of either A&D ointment or Bacitracian. Rub ointment into skin, do not gob on!
4.Cut a piece of Saran Wrap to completely cover your tattoo, and then place the Saran Wrap over your tattoo. Make sure your tattoo is covered with the Saran Wrap when sleeping or wearing clothes. Clothing can irritate your tattoo; irritation will hinder the healing process.
5.When not sleeping or wearing clothes remove the Saran Wrap, repeat steps 1 & 2 and let your tattoo get some air. DO NOT leave your tattoo uncovered or covered for more than a few hours at a time. When your tattoo is uncovered and starts to feel really dry, you can apply a thin layer of the ointment listed above. Your tattoo must get air to heal properly. DO NOT “smother” it by keeping it covered with Saran Wrap or the ointment all the time. Also, you should not let it air out all the time as it may dry up and alter the appearance and hinder healing.
6.Repeat these steps AT LEAST 3-4 times per day, until your tattoo peels. The more this process is repeated the faster your tattoo will heal.
7.Once your tattoo completely peels you may use regular hand lotion to keep it from drying out.

sunbathing/tanning/exposure to sun/sunburns
salt water or chlorinated water
hot tubs
Do not neglect your new tattoo, it is an open wound and needs your constant care. Sweat will irritate your new tattoo, if you are in a situation where sweat penetrates your new tattoo, you will need to follow the steps above more often. Avoid scabs but in the event that mild scabbing occurs, DO NOT pick at or attempt to “wash off” the scab. Allow it to fall off by itself. In addition, you should seek medical attention if the tattoo site becomes infected or painful, or if you develop a fever shortly after being tattooed. IF YOU FAIL TO CARE FOR YOUR TATTOO AS LISTED ABOVE, IT MAY HINDER HEALING AND ALTER THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR NEW TATTOO. ANY FUTURE WORK NEEDED ON YOUR TATTOO DUE TO YOUR NEGELCT WILL BE AT YOUR COST.If you have questions or concerns, contact us at (810) 364-3500 or by email [email protected] or at

Q. Why is the ink coming out of my new tattoo?
A. The colored drainage that is coming out of your new tattoo is the plasma that is released when there is an injury to the skin. When left to dry plasma creates a scab. YOU NEVER WANT A SCAB ON YOUR TATTOO!!! The swollen skin will reject any ink that it can’t hold; therefore staining the clear plasma with the colors in your tattoo. It is normal for you to see colored plasma on the Saran Wrap while the tattoo is still fresh. This only happens for a couple of days and the amount varies on how large your tattoo is, how many colors are in your tattoo and how detailed your tattoo is. REMEMBER TO FOLLOW THESE AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY SO THAT YOUR TATTOO WILL HEAL QUICKLY AND LOOK IT’S BEST!
Q. Why do I need to cover my new tattoo with Saran Wrap?
A. Saran Wrap creates a barrier between your new tattoo and your clothes, bedding and other irritants. Remember that your new tattoo is a wound and can become irritated quickly. Saran Wrap also helps to keep your tattoo from drying out. Do not leave on for extended amounts of time. It is better for your tattoo to get air but when you have to wear clothes that will cover your tattoo or when you are sleeping cover your tattoo with saran wrap.
Q. How long should it take for my new tattoo to heal?
A. Healing time varies for several reasons. The most important thing to remember is to take care of your new tattoo as outlined in the aftercare instructions. Healing times depend on how large your tattoo is, how many colors are in your tattoo and how detailed your tattoo is. Larger, more detailed tattoos can take longer to heal.
Q. Why does my tattoo itch? What can I do, it’s driving me crazy!
A. An itchy tattoo means that the outer layer of skin is healing and that the many layers underneath the top layer have also started to heal. We recommend a clean, cold rag (DO NOT RUB!) be placed on the tattoo for some relief. DO NOT SCRATCH YOUR TATTOO!!! **NOTE** If your tattoo has already peeled and it becomes itchy, use lotion on the tattoo for relief. Lotion used regularly on a healed tattoo keeps it looking bright.
Q. Why do fresh leg tattoos throb?
A. Your blood circulates slower in your legs than in your upper body. It is common for leg tattoos to throb for a few days after they are done. Leg tattoos can also become irritated quickly.
Q. What’s going on, my tattoo peeled twice?
A. It’s not uncommon for a larger or more detailed piece to peel more than once.
Q. Can I use Neosporin on my new tattoo?
A. NO!!! Neosporin is too medicated; it is designed to draw anything out of the skin that doesn’t belong there, including tattoo ink. NEOSPORIN WILL FADE YOUR NEW TATTOO!!! Only use what is listed on the aftercare instructions. Don’t fall victim to “helpful” advice from friends, family, etc. Most of the people that offer incorrect tattoo advice have bad tattoos.
Q. I can’t reach my tattoo, how will I take care of it?
A. Enlist the help of someone if you can. If you are unable to get help, be creative. Spatulas work great for applying ointment to those hard to reach areas.
Q. My Saran Wrap keeps coming off my tattoo, what can I use to hold it in place?
A. Band aides work great for holding the Saran Wrap in place.
Q. Can I donate blood after receiving a tattoo?
A. Yes you can donate blood. As long as you receive your tattoo at a licensed facility, the Michigan American Red Cross does NOT have a waiting period to give blood.

Want to know more about Matt?  He was recently featured in an article in The Voice newspaper.  Copy and paste the link below into your browser to read the article: