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Open for Consults:
Monday thru Friday 1pm to 3pm
Monday*Wednesday*Friday 6pm to 7:30pm

Welcome to the studio - we've been waiting for you!
Home of award winning tattoo artist Matt Littke
2004 - 2nd place color - Detroit Tattoo Expo
2008 - 1st place color - Port Huron Tattoo Showdown
2011 - 2nd place tribal - Port Huron Tattoo Showdown
2012 - 2nd place color sleeve - Port Huron Tattoo Showdown

Whether you are looking to get your first tattoo, you are adding to your tattoo collection or you want to cover up or bring an old tattoo back to life, you have found the right place!
We are committed to giving you the tattoo YOU want! We are the only family owned and operated tattoo studio around. The owner, Matt Littke, has won awards at every tattoo expo he has attended. Matt is and will be the only artist in our studio, he is professional and friendly, he has over 30 years experience tattooing and is fast and light handed. 

We are pleased to announce we are now doing SOUNDWAVE Tattoos and are officially part of the Skin Motion Tattoo Artist Network.  For more information stop by and see us or visit

Matt does consults Monday thru Friday from 1pm until 3pm and Monday*Wednesday*Friday 6pm until 7:30pm. Stop by and see what makes him the best and you'll be entered to win a tattoo just for coming by! Can't make it during that time?  

Matt does everything from the smallest to biggest tattoos, butterflies and lettering to the most intricate celtic knotwork or Polynesian designs.
Matt specializes in covering up or fixing up those tattoos you've gotten elsewhere that you aren't happy with. 

We are proud of his work and it shows when you see EVERY tattoo he does posted in his photo albums. Visit our facebook page and view over 50,000 pictures!  Most artists pick and choose what pictures to show you. 
Matt shows you everything he has done, because he has nothing to hide. 
Matt's tattoos are done to perfection, there are NEVER misspelled words, flaws or errors in his work.

Use the link at the top of the page and like us on facebook.  Not only do we run exclusive deals on our facebook page, we also have thousands of tattoo pictures. We've even separated them by category to make it easier for you to find what interests you.
                     Stop by today and see Matt, you'll be glad you did!  
You can also text(810 364-3500) or email us([email protected]) to get a quote on the tattoo you've been dreaming of (make sure to include the size you want it)!    
While you are here you can visit our arts and crafts area.  All the arts and crafts we sell are created by local artists.  We also carry our own clothing line, jewelry and other gifts!
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This year we will be giving away $400 in tattoo work!
No purchase necessary to win! 
Enter to win by stopping by during our consult times:
Monday thru Friday 1pm until 3pm
Monday*Wednesday*Friday 6pm until 7:30pm
We will be giving away $100 in tattoo work to a lucky person every 3 months so you have 4 chances to win!
The drawings will be done:
March 28th - CONGRATS Blake S.
June 13th - CONGRATS Olivia Y.  (additional $50 given to Katie N. & Matthew F.)
September 26th - $100
December 26th - $100


Matt has a binder of pre stenciled designs that have been discounted. All pictures are labeled with the original price, and the newly discounted price. They are just outline drawings, but the price includes the shading, colors, etc...the price will cover the finished product. Stop by the studio to see the designs offered or go to our facebook page.  Don't miss out - first come first served!! 

copy and paste this address in your browser to go straight to the discounted tattoos on our facebook page


Did you know?  We have a loyalty program!  The more you refer your friends and family and continue to exclusively get tattooed by Matt the better your prices get!  Questions?  Stop by or call/text 810-364-3500


We want to see what you and your tattoos are doing and where you're at! This event is just for fun! Please take a picture of any tattoos Matt has done for you, wherever you may be at! It can be as simple as watching TV or while you are on vacation. We just want to see WHERE YOU AT TAT? Send as many pictures as often as you want. Please, no close ups! We want to see where you're taking your art! All pictures will be posted to this photo album ( - copy and paste to view or visit our Facebook page. Please text your pictures to 810-364-3500.

Covid-19 Preparedness Plan
Dancing Devil Dermagrphics,LLC

Procedure for Tattoo Artist (Matt Littke) and Staff (AnnMarie Littke)
• Artist and staff will be screened for symptoms and for potential contact with someone who has been sick and temperature will be taken before beginning work 
• Artist and staff will wear masks at all times, in addition to normal PPE the artist will wear a face shield anytime a client has to manipulate their face covering
• Artist and staff who exhibit signs of illness will not report to work
• Artist and staff will wash hands before work, at all breaks, and before and after each tattoo session
• Artist and staff are certified in blood borne pathogens
Procedure for Clients
• Clients will remain in their car and call or text the studio when they arrive
• The Tattoo Artist will open the door for the client and before he allows the client to enter the building the client will be screened for symptoms and for potential contact with someone who has been sick and their temperature will be taken with a no contact thermometer 
• Clients with symptoms of COVID-19 will be encouraged to get tested and will not be allowed in the building
• Clients are required to wear a face mask while in the studio, masks will be available for purchase if clients do not have a mask or if the client’s face covering is visibly dirty, soiled, contaminated, or saturated 
• Clients are encouraged to do cashless payments via credit card or cash apps
• Clients will attend appointments alone unless it is necessary, they have someone with them (minor with parent/guardian, caregiver etc,)
• No contact greetings will be implemented
• Services will be offered to only one client at a time
• Accurate records are kept on all clients, including date and time of appointment, procedure done and contact information
• No food or drink items will be allowed in the studio, if needed - clients must take breaks in their vehicles
• Clients will use hand sanitizer or wash hands prior to tattoo procedure and on any breaks that involve them leaving the tattoo area 
Procedure for Studio
• Prior to opening the entire studio was cleaned (walls, floors, furniture and all surfaces) with Madacide FD. Madacide FD is a hospital level disinfectant and is an effective bactericide, virucide, germicide and fungicide and is also effective against SARS-CoV-2.
• A sign was posted on the front door instructing clients to stay in their car and call or text when they arrive at the studio

• An A frame sign is put on the sidewalk instructing clients to stay in their car and call or text when they arrive at the studio

• A sign has been posted on the door informing anyone that has been sick or been around anyone that has been sick that they may not enter the building
• A sign has been posted in the window that masks are required to enter the building
• The studio has been rearranged to allow for social distancing, the counters have been separated to allow a separate area for checking in and out and consultations and the lobby floors have been marked with stickers

• All shared items have been thrown away (candy jars, kid toys, condom bowl etc…)
• Hand sanitizer has been placed at each counter
• Pens have been separated into sanitized/use and not sanitized/do not use cups
• Plastic sneeze guards were installed at each counter
• In addition to the cleaning that is always done with Madacide FD between tattoo clients we will also be doing additional cleaning in any high traffic areas after each tattoo procedure and each consult
• Business hours and appointments have been rearranged to allow for at least 2 hours in between tattoo procedures for cleaning and disinfecting
• Tattoo procedures are by appointment only, no walk in clients will be taken
• Consultations and design services are done remotely whenever possible, when that is not possible clients will arrive by appointment for a consultation, stay in their car until they have been screened and a temperature taken, they must wear a mask and only one client will be allowed in the studio at a time
• A Honeywell HFD Air purifier has been placed in the lobby and a Honeywell HEPA clean compact air cleaner with an ionizer has been placed in the tattoo procedure room
• Artist and Staff will take all breaks outside in their car or at home
• The studio will cooperate with the local public health department if a confirmed case of COVID-19 is identified in the facility

Certified by:
AnnMarie Littke
June 22, 2020
Owner/Office Manager
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We are a kid friendly business! 
No need to pay a babysitter - bring the kids with you and make your tattoo a fun night out for everyone!