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Monday - 10am to 7:30pm
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Saturday & Sunday by appointment

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Click on each picture to make it larger.  All tattoo pictures shown were done by Matt. You can find more tattoo pictures and albums of specific designs from Matt by clicking on our Facebook link.

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​Lettering tattoos done by Matt

  • This video explains how we want you to take care of your tattoo from Matt.  
  • You will receive 2 packs of A&D ointment and written instructions when you come for your tattoo appointment.  
  • We will check in with you the week after your tattoo to make sure everything is healing ok!
Fix ups done by Matt 
Animal tattoos done by Matt 
Bird tattoos done by Matt 
Butterfly tattoos done by Matt 
Car related tattoos done by Matt 
Cartoon tattoos done by Matt
Cover ups done by Matt
​Miscellaneous tattoos done by Matt