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Click on each picture to make it larger.  All tattoo pictures shown were done by Matt. You can find many more tattoo pictures from Matt  by clicking on our facebook link
Key Company Principles

• Practicing and utilizing only the most advanced sterilization methods and techniques in the tattoo industry

• Using high quality fade-resistant ink, premium needles and equipment.

• Consistent Quality

• High Standards of Cleanliness

• Respectful, Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

We are proud of the recognition we have received from our clients... 
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"The talent in the artwork they tat is mind blowing and amazing! Matt is super light handed had amazing colors that hold true to time, clean and safe place to be tattooed, the only place to be tattooed!" ~ TEE~ Richmond, MI

"Matt is the best. My tatoos turn out better then I ever thought. Only place I will go for them." Fred O., Casco, MI

"The artistic talent comes through in every tattoo, whether it's color or grey scale. I am proud of the work I've gotten done at DDD!" Shannon S., Marysville,MI

"The artwork is phenominal! They are professional and client centered, I will never get a tattoo anywhere else!" Cassie C., Marysville, MI

"Very professional, gives you exactly what you what you want with a touch of the artists true personality...i have 3 tattoos and honestly the best was done by matt himself" Carly W., Richmond, MI

"Excellent work, friendly environment, and very professional. Won't go anywhere else." Tina M., Applegate, MI

"Been with Matt for years.. gotta full sleeve, side piece and working on a new chest piece that's looking beautiful...Matt is a genius of the ink! If you can think it....he can ink it..enough said" Glenn R., Fraser,MI

"Just got some ink, had a great time. Everyone was super helpful. Will definatly be a repeat customer!!! " Scott M., Port Huron, MI

"I cant say thanks enough! I have awsome tats and recieve compliments everywhere I go!!!!!!!!!! This is the best shop ever!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for the next one!!!!!! Your stuck with me!!!!" Jessie H., Melvin, MI

"Love it!"  
 Kim S., Fort Gratiot, MI

"Best artist around. Just give him ur idea and he will make it come to life... never go anywhere else" Tim K., Memphis, MI

"professional, gives you exactly what you want, and makes you want to come back for more! wouldnt go anywhere else for my ink! cant wait to get more!" Sara K., Richmond, MI

"...thanks matt cant wait till we start on the rest of my sleeves" Dean L., Memphis, MI

""Just took my son here to get his first tatoo, and i have to give a shout out to James, Matt & Ann for makin it such an awsome experience for us. very clean & professional with a lil bit of down home feel. i highly recomened this place for any tatoo or peircing. James good work man you should be very proud!!"Jaime J., Columbus, MI

"...Just wanted to give you guys a shout out and a THANK YOU! You have a great shop, talented/cool/awesome staff (James great job on my son's Tat bro!), great pricing and work ethic throughout! We will definitely be back and encourage anyone who might be thinking about getting some work done to check you guys out first" Mike J., Columbus, MI

"ok, so many of you might not know, I have the best ink on my body hands down in Michigan!... Thanks for all the great ink Matt!!!" Matt C., Clinton Twp., MI

""Thanks aging matt love the cover up" Terrence S., Port Huron, MI

"Matt did one hella sweet job tonight. Def be returning! Thanks again man!" Mark

"Just wanted to say you guys are awesome. Came with my buddy... to get his first tattoo and I was more then impressed. Nice people. Amazing work. And a clean/classy environment. You guys are doing it right! You got my recommendation! Might even see me around. Amazing shop!" Anthony B.

"Just finished my first piece and might I say james did an amazing job thanks for this everlasting memory. This whole shop is so welcoming, can't thank you guys enough." Mike J., Columbus, MI

"Cleanest tattoo I've ever gotten comming back for more!" Veronica K., Marine City, MI

 "Good clean shop and there all very nice" Derek F., Kenokee, MI 

"My name is Parris and I had a piece of artwork done by Matt a little over a week ago. The picture was drawn by my son and, although it isn't my first tattoo, it was the first time I've been to Matt. Matt was not only dedicated to the quality of work I was receiving, checking the hand-drawn picture repeatedly to ensure I was getting what I wanted, but was also caring in regards to my comfort level. It is difficult to have a stranger touch and be so close to you, but Matt made me comfortable and by the time I left, I felt I had known him longer than I had.  Matt was quick and efficient; the quality of his work is outstanding, the color is beautiful; he was caring and treated me as a person rather than a canvass.   And last, but not least, the entire staff is kind, friendly, and welcoming. (It was the first time I had ever had a follow up call to ask how I was!) It was a great experience and I will return." Parris Y.

"I was an art major and wanted a tattoo that was done just like I would have done. And Matt did not disappoint. He is an unbelievable artist. I recently went back for another. Thanks Matt" Bud B.

""I've seen the art that Matt can do, and I recommend him to anyone that is trying to get a new tattoo. even as recently as this weekend at the Bike Expo in Gibraltar, but matts reputation exceeds himself. the 2 people that I was talking to about tattoos already knew Matt and knew how good of an artist he is." Sal C. 

“I had 2 previous tattoos from other places. This was my 3rd and by far the best experience I've ever had! Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly, and the work was perfect! I will highly recommend this place to everyone and I will definitely be returning if I want more work.” 
–Elizabeth A.

“2 thumbs way up for the new shop too!!”
-Brittney R.

“My best friend and I went in on $50 foot tattoo for a spur of the moment tattoo and matt did a great job doing them!! :-) thanks again matt!”
-Brittney R.

“It's been far too long since my last ink therapy session! Matt's the best and the staff is great too!”
-Kasia P.

“I got my first tattoo here and I love it! These guys are amazing, so down to earth, with a great sense of humor, you can have a nice conversation while getting your tattoo, also got my nose pierced here, so glad I've done both here! :D”
-Clea S.

“Got my first tattoo here with my fiance, matching Frankenweenie tattoos, I got Persephone on my forearm and he has Sparky on his, I love them.. They came out great and match perfect, Matt Littke is an amazing artist, he goes over and beyond to make you feel as comfortable as possible.. I'm now a customer for life and won't be getting tattooed by anyone else, ever!”
-Amanda M.

“Award winning, friendly, clean professional atmosphere. Always come up with better ideas than you come up with! Don't agree than I will Detail the exterior of your car for FREE! That's how positive & sure I am about this place! Guaranteed!”
-Dean C.

“Dancing Devil Dermagraphics is the ONLY place to go for ink in the mitten.. I have 4 tats, all done by Matt.. One of them a half sleeve samurai, I call a masterpiece! He is truly a professional, who actually cares about his client's needs and wants, his work really speaks for himself, check out the page and you can see for yourself!”
-Cody C.

“Awesome atmosphere, great people, great talent. You can't go to a better place! Thank you Matt and Ann!”
-Travis H.

“Best tattoo artists around!!”
-Leslie M.

“I like that they are friendly an that they help u in anyway possible and I love the deals they have and they have great tattoo artists”
-Derek R.

“clean and knowledgeable. Very happy with my experience last year and can't wait to go back. I was impressed with the personal calls to my home after the fact to make sure I was healing correctly, didn't have any questions, etc. I have never had a shop call like that! The work was excellent, however the customer service really put it over the top! Thank you!!”
-Amanda S.

“Ive seen some awesome work done by the artist matt that works there”
-Nicole M.

“Matt did my tattoo about a year ago and the ink still looks awesome and even tho I kept moving its all perfect. He does great work wouldn't go anywhere else.”
-Crystal M.

“My person who did the tattoo was named James and he was awesome. I was nervous for my first tattoo and he made me feel comfortable. I love it there! ;) Expect me there for my next one!”
-Kayla T.

“Awesome artists, clean shop, rad merch, friendly staff, what more could you ask for?”
-Joshua W.

“Everyone was so nice & made me feel comfortable! Thanks Nikki for piercing my cartilage today! :)”
-Liberty A.

“Awesome place! Everyone was SOOO friendly!”
-Carissa S.

“Cleanest tattoo I've ever gotten comming back for more!”
-Veronica K.

“Good clean shop and there all very nice”
-Derek R.

“sick ass tat wrk”
-Terrence S.

“Get yourself some Sweet Ass ink by the best around.”
-Lisa F.

“Awesome work! :)”
-Jessika H.
“great artist.. never go anywhere else after u see his work”
-Tim K.

“The only place anyone should be getting tattooed at!”
-Tina F.

Matt is the best!!!
Provided by YPmobile  
I got my very first tattoo by Matt and he turned my tattoo into an amazing piece of art! He was so fast and painless! Made my first experience comfortable! The shop is soooooo clean and everyone there is so welcoming and make you feel at home! I recommend everyone go to his studio! You won't be disappointed! Everyone I know that had been tattooed by Matt has never got an infection so let the haters hate! True art will over rule all!!!! Thanks Matt for an amazing tattoo!

Always will use these guys
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Matt has fixed a tat for me that wasnt inked correctly and had very bad scarring. He made that one look ten thousand times better. He also did another that comining two ideas into one really awesome piece. I also love that he helps out local artists by providing space for them to sell their artwork as well. To certain other shops, grow up, and get used to losing customers.

Matt Littke is an OUTSTANDINGGGGGG tattoo artist! he is also an outstanding person to be around. I have been getting tattooed by him since i was 18 and havent been dissapointed once in the almost 4 years, I wouldnt want anyone else to do my work point blank period! :D cleanest and friendliest shop i've ever been to! the other artists @ the shop are also amazing, including the apprentice!

Provided by YPmobile  
There are tattoo guys, then there are tattoo artists. These guys are artists to the core. Aaron Sherlock is a great artist who has inked me 3 times and did beautiful butterflies on my girlfriend. Dancing devil is the cleanest shop I've seen, and all great people. Highly recommended!!!

I was we welcomed with open arms.
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I know the guys at the at the shop,they are the best. Most friendly, sterile, and professional palor i have been in and will continue to frequent for my ink fix.

Go here to get yoru ink done!
Go here to get yoru ink done! I have been goign to Matt for a few years and have 3 AWESOME tats. I have noticed that there are ppl write bad reviews and ragging on DDD. Get your act together. This is a clean, bright, shop. If there were ANY issue, i would not go. All his books he has out to look through are awesome. He does originals, colors, b&w, anything. looking forward to getting my next one with my sister!!! Keep rockin guys!!

Ive been goin to matt for years and i…
Provided by YPmobile  
Ive been goin to matt for years and i wouldnt trust any other artist to do work on me. Sixkest mofo with a tattoo gun.GO GET YA A PULL!!

Matt did my cover up on my neck done by…
Matt did my cover up on my neck done by another local artist and he did an AMAZING job! I have been to several different tattoo studios all over the country (including others in this area, Colorado and Washington state) and their new location on Gratiot is BY FAR the cleanest, brightest, nicest and friendliest I have seen yet. Their staff is welcoming and AMAZING at their craft! Matt does excellent work and I will never go to anyone but him for my tattoo needs. The only complaint I have is that there was not enough examples of his excellent tattoo work on display, show that stuff off!!! The other tattoo places in the area are sub par to this one, and most artists are sub par to Matt. If you need an original drawn up or a cover up done he is the guy to see! Please check this place out, they have done a great job bringing it all together! :)

My boyfriend started going to Matt a…
My boyfriend started going to Matt a while ago and he did quite a few pieces for him. They are outstanding. He referred me to Matt and now neither one of us will go to anyone else. I have had both of my feet done by Matt and I love, love, love the work. They are still bright and vibrant like the first day I had it done.

Thanks Matt :)

Best Place hands down this side of the…
Best Place hands down this side of the state!!! I had an amazing experience and he took what I wanted and made it Bad A**!!! EVERYONE compliments his work. I went to Matt before he had his shop and he was CLEAN, STERILE, and PROFESSIONAL!! My work will ONLY be done by Matt from here on out :)

these guys are pro's, wouldn't go…
these guys are pro's, wouldn't go anywhere else. my third tattoo since the shops been opened, check out the shop has a good vibe with real clean atmosphere.

Matt and co.
Matt and co.Is the best tattoo shop around.Does the absolute best work and has the best prices.Cannot be beat.Once you go you will never leave.Very professional and clean shop and environment.

This place deseves a million stars!
This place deseves a million stars! I have more tattoos then I can count by the owner, New stuff and cover ups!( He has fixed all bad tat work done by others) His talent and skills are mind blowing! Very light handed and the best ink colors I have ever seen any artist use, years later and my tats look new! They are all about each tattoo being the best art one can get! If you are thinking about getting any ink at all, and you want the best experience, and the best tattoo work, that won't need to be touched up,then Dancing Devil Dermagraphics is the only place you need to look! This artist is truely amazing and gifted! I will never go anywhere else, best prices, colors, and awesome staff ,they are all you need!

I have been to alot of shops here in…
I have been to alot of shops here in Michigan and all around the United States and now after having work done by the owner of Dancing Devil I do not plan on ever going anywhere else but Dancing Devil!

Top notch artist here.
Top notch artist here. You will not be let down by the work he does. No matter if you are getting an original or a cover up you will not be let down by the work you get. Congrats on a perfect reputation sir.

This place! 
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This place is THE BEST place to get any tattoo! The owners are FANTASTIC PEOPLE great work for a great price cant beat that! :) I recommend highly

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1000 Gratiot Blvd, Marysville between Michigan Rd and Busha Hwy in the Subway complex
We are located at 1000 Gratiot Blvd  east of Michigan Rd in the Subway Complex between Michigan Rd and Busha Hwy
Matt Littke has been tattooing for over 25 years!
Our studio is clean, fully inspected, licensed and insured!
Business Hours:
Wed & Thurs 11a-9p
Friday noon until midnight
Saturday noon until 1am
closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
**closing times may vary**
We want you to have a tattoo you can treasure for a lifetime!  That's why our support doesn't stop once you get your tattoo. Not only do we send you home with an aftercare packet that includes A&D ointment but we always do a follow up call to see how your tattoo is healing!